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Ghost Mannequin

We are a creditable online company and care a lot of desire of clients. We believe in pledge.

Ghost Mannequin

Neck joint is a manipulation process for garments product to give ghost mannequins effect. As a result garments product or cloth looks like 3D.

Neck Joint / Ghost mannequin / Image manipulation

Neck joint Service is for garments product such as Shirts, Pants, Skirts, Underwear, Jackets, Trousers & Cardigans. It is outstanding process to make a garments product more realistic and clear view. It is the most creative and professional work.

When a photographer takes a shoot of a garments product the inner view and brand are missing because of hanger, mannequin, and rope ect. As a result customers can’t get clear idea of the product. Of course this is not good thing for the e-Commerce businessman. Don’t worry. Here we are at Graphic Fields to solve your problem carefully. Just give us 3 image of a product in different view (Front, Back & inner view). You can give us only front view and neck part. Our creative graphic designers are very expert to give it final view like a 3D effect. They will do remove the background, liquefy, retouch and resizing so that the product looks beautiful.

If you are Advertising agencies, Printing, Magazines, Movie animation, Printing agencies, Sports, Fashion Photography or if you have an e-Commerce business or online shop and want to highlight your product for good sales, Contact us. We believe in quality. We will give you the best quality for your satisfaction because your satisfaction is our goal.

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We are a creditable online company and care a lot of desire of clients . We believe in pledge.