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Image Masking

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Image Masking

Image masking is a technique how to select full details edges of image.

Fur and hair masking / Alpha channel masking / Transparent image masking / Collage masking

It is a complex process and is not always required. When the image have hazy or fuzzy edges and the results are far from perfect and the anchor of pen tool became impossible to reach the images with very sharp edges and get a lot of missing details, then we do image masking.

Image masking is usually useful for transparent or semi-transparent photos or images like hairs/ feathers/ glasses/ fireworks/smoke/ flames/ lighting etc.

Image masking service also induces the crafted transparency to give a photograph an eye-catching look. It is so useful because it customizes the image background. When we need to change the background color, or recolor the image and adjust image with another image then we need to do masking. It enhances the images of the products displayed on the e-commerce sites.

There are many way to do masking. Basically we use background eraser tool for those image that have solid and clear background. For the hard image when the edges are not clear then background eraser tool don't give the best quality, in this time we do it using different creative technique. Our creative graphic designers at Graphic Fields do it very well and put the selection of edges into layer or channel or in a group.

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We are a creditable online company and care a lot of desire of clients . We believe in pledge.