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Shadow Making

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Shadow Making

Shadow is an important part of Image editing to make the product more realistic.

Natural shadow/ Drop Shadow/ Reflection Shadow

Shadow making Service is very useful to give a natural look to an image or product. Not only that, shadow gives the image a more genuine and attractive look.

When a photo is taken by a photographer the shadow of the object might not visible all the time. Most of the time shadow takes place under the product or sometime it might be take place side by side because of the position of the light source, for this we create the shadow to make the product look more creative and natural

There are 3 types of shadow what we provide at Graphic Fields

  • Natural Shadow
  • Drop shadow
  • Reflection Shadow
Natural Shadow:

Natural shadow means the original shadow of the image. Sometimes customers want to take the original & real shadow or their image besides removing the background. Then at Graphic Fields we do clipping path with the original shadow and performed to smooth out the edges of the shadow and making the shadow more visible or light depending on the requirements of the customer. Our designers do it very well at Graphic Fields.

Drop Shadow:

Drop Shadow means the bottom shadow of any image. We create this shadow at Graphic Fields for that image which has no visible shadow. Without shadow an image or product looks like a bit naked or incomplete. At Graphic Fields we create drop shadow in many ways so that the image or product looks more finely, smooth, and natural.

Reflection Shadow:

Reflection is a mirror effect of the image. A reflection occurs in the presence of light and works like a visual effect. We create these types of shadow of images to get the genuine, tangible and attracting look of products.

Our creative and professional designer of Graphic Fields has the clear knowledge about those kinds of shadow making. We will give you the best quality of the service at Graphic Fields. Visit our portfolio and see our editing quality.

If you are looking for this type of service, Graphic Fields is the best solution for you. Please feel free to contact us.

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We are a creditable online company and care a lot of desire of clients . We believe in pledge.